Welcome to episode 140 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I’m delighted to welcome Stefani Goerlich to the podcast. In this episode she speaks to me about working with non-traditional couples, the sexual challenges they face and understanding what it means to be kink aware.  


Stefani holds a Masters in Social Work from Wayne State University, where she specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has over fifteen years' experience in working with poly/kinky individuals, swingers, commercial sex workers, and child and adult survivors of sexual trauma including human trafficking. Stefani has served as a guest lecturer on minority sexual communities at Northwestern University and is a frequent conference presenter on topics related to Kink Aware Practice and consent. An award winning author, she currently working on her second book entitled The Leather Couch: Clinical Practice with Kinky Clients. 


In this episode, you will hear:  


  • The non-traditional relationship Stefani sees in her practice  
  • The stigma non—traditional relationships face when forming romantic relationships 
  • Working with sex workers  
  • Sexual challenges non-traditional couples face  
  • Working around jealousy  
  • The importance of negotiation and communication  
  • What does it mean to be kink aware? 
  • Things that get in the way of therapists working with people from the lense of kink awareness? 
  • How 2-5% of the population need a form of kink to be sexually stimulated  
  • Misconceptions around working with non-traditional couples  





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